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  2010.11.17  20.12
Holiday Update at STEPHARIA.COM!

The Christmas Update is now live over at stepharia.co.uk!

We have more bags after the sell-out previous run, stoles and shawls, gauntlets and gloves, as well as tons of gorgeous new jewellery items, with more Rossetti and art inspired charm bracelets, and more of the ever-popular Candy Love Collection, featuring Liquorice Allsort beaded bracelets, watches and necklaces! We also have brand new pearl and gemstone one-off pieces and freshwater pearl ropes!



  2010.10.23  00.09
Cotton Tote Bags featuring the Stepharia Jewellery Faerie Logo!

We now have some fabulous cotton tote bags printed with the Stepharia Jewellery faerie logo in stock at stepharia.co.uk!

We have a very small number available for the first run, but they're very cute, so grab one while they're available!



  2010.07.27  09.22
Stepharia Update: July 2010

The Stepharia Website has been updated! New pretty shiny things and a brand new look - yay for green!

I've added lots of items and the new Love Collections. There's Book, Candy and Art Love Collections to choose from featuring Pre-Raphaelite paintings, Alice in Wonderland and Liquorice Allsorts! We also have a new Watch page added and more will follow.

I also have secured the stepharia.com domain, so you can visit there, too!

Click the image above to visit!

* stepharia.co.uk | stepharia.com *


  2009.12.10  13.44

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade



  2009.08.20  23.59
StephariA Website - Back online and open for business!

What everyone's been waiting for for far too long! The site is up and running again. There are over 130 new items to purchase including shawls, corsages, wall plaques, the last two Faerie Doors and tons of new jewellery items.

Everything is handmade in central Scotland and we take plenty of inspiration from our beautiful surroundings! We invite you to view the collection by clicking on the image or text link below!

Beneath the cut are a few examples of the items available on the site!

A few examples - large pictures.Collapse )



  2009.04.29  10.47

Lovely Hand Made Accessories and Stationary by Rabid Squirrels


  2008.11.02  19.37
Stepharia Jewellery November 2008 Update!

After quite a long break, Stepharia Jewellery is back with 28 new items! Predominantly necklaces, featuring Swarovski crystals, Precious Gemstones and Freshwater Pearls.

Over the Summer our jewellery has been showcased at major events, shows and fairs and consequently the website hasn't been updated as regularly as normal, and many items have sold out before making it online - however, we're back in time for your Christmas orders to be dispatched, so don't delay if you would like to purchase a gift for someone, or for yourself!

- Stepharia Jewellery -|- Stepharia Jewellery on Etsy -

Click the image or links above to visit our online stores!


  2008.08.24  18.25
Back to School Sale!

Huge Back To School Sale! Shop Now & Save Big!!



  2008.06.23  18.55
Stepharia Jewellery June Special Offers!

Mid-Summer offers over at Stepharia Jewellery!

Plus a 5% extra discount for LJ Users! Just quote "LJ OFFER JUNE".

- Stepharia Jewellery -|- Stepharia Jewellery on Etsy -

*Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or voucher.


  2008.05.11  20.43
One of a Kind Handmade Clothing! Huge Sale!

HURRY SALE ENDS 5/12/2008 !! Shop Now & Save !!


  2008.04.15  22.22
Spring Website Makeover!

Stepharia Jewellery has had a re-design, all ready for Spring!

To celebrate we're offering a 10% discount* on all items for a limited time.

Remember to refresh the site many times if you have visited recently, in order to view the new layout and order forms!

- Stepharia Jewellery -|- Stepharia Jewellery on Etsy -

*Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or voucher.


  2008.04.12  20.51

Big, fun SALE!Collapse )


  2008.04.09  01.27

Big, fun SALE!Collapse )


  2008.04.06  23.41
Stepharia Jewellery April Update

Quite a few new items and the launch of the Enchantress Collection.

- Stepharia Jewellery -|- Stepharia Jewellery on Etsy -


  2008.04.05  00.48
Handmade soy blend candles...fabulous scents!

I finally have a functioning, more user-friendly site to sell my yummy smelling wares on AND I've lowered the prices from what I was selling everything at on my etsy store. Plus, I'm still offering free bonus stuff (grab bags of things not on the site yet, like votives, bath salts, etc.)with every order until 4/17.

Check it outttttt....


I'll be adding LOTS more items soon...I just need some money to come in for more materials (like packing materials for the bath and body stuff I already have made).

Mood: creative

  2008.03.23  20.12
20% OFF SALE! Today Only!

Huge Sale! 20% Off Everything in the Shop!

Sale ends at 12 midnight tonight so hurry over & save!

Huge Sale! Shop & Save!

The New Fully Redesigned ELC Shop has just gone public! Check it out!


  2008.03.12  18.57
March Update!

Lots of new items, perfect for Spring with some gorgeous new bracelets!

Stepharia Jewellery | Stepharia Jewellery on Etsy


  2008.03.05  08.40

 How exactly does this work? What if I don' t have the photos to set up like it seems everyone here has?



  2008.02.08  19.54

love note necklaces are back in stock!

(click the picture to shop)

click to shop Adorkable!

all jewelry comes in pretty gift packaging, perfect for gift-giving!

as always, FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more!



  2008.02.02  15.59

(click the picture)
click to shop Adorkable!

FREE SHIPPING always on purchases of $50 or more!

P.S. Love Note necklaces in silver are being restocked soon! Check back often =]


  2008.01.29  21.16

(click the picture to shop)

click to shop!


  2008.01.19  20.31


  2008.01.10  19.13

Happy New Year from Adorkable!

::: new items in the Etsy shop :::

Get excited! There's more to come in the next couple days =]
Don't forget to check out Adorkable Crafts while you're at it!


  2007.12.31  16.11



  2007.12.04  19.41

Hi, my name is Gwyn and although I am not new to beading I am new to selling my stuff. It's nice to have a resource like this to ask questions and promote my stuff. Right now, everything I have for sale is up on my website: http://gwynhefar.googlepages.com/. Please let me know what you think, both about the pieces and the site (keeping in mind that it is a very basic site and I don't have the money or html skills to make a professional website). And of course purchases are always appreciated *g*

In a related tangent -- what do y'all do to promote your websites? Are there any free/cheap tricks to getting more people to your site that you might be able to share with me?

Nice to meet y'all!


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